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Sooo if you're italian... Tell me something in italian, please :)


Ravioli ravioli, give me the formuoli



literally my phone is filled with dalton and im5 pictures people be looking through my photos thinking i’m gay and i’m like no why can’t guys like boybands too

You go Glenn Coco. Kick-ass


Jason Derulo Singing His Own Name [Extended Cut]

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Sometimes i look through my archive and I’m like amazed at how great my blog is. Its like “damn my blog is awesome”

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Reblog this with a reason why you’re a Cole girl


I want to see the many reasons why you guys love Cole, so reblog with a reason why you love this cutie.


His moral code. I don’t claim to know him on some deep level, but just from the things he does and says, he seems like such a good individual. The way he sticks up for his friends and hates derogatory terms. The way he fights for what he believes in. The way he tries so hard to make us happy. He’s chivalrous and noble.

And his passion. He so passionate for what he does and you can clearly see it. His energy is always so explosive. He might not be the best singer or the best dancer, but he’s the most energetic, and that makes him so awesome to watch. It’s inspiring. To see someone doing something they love so much.

I met Cole at a concert once. I bought tickets that allowed me to come before the show and watch their soundcheck and have an early meet and greet. Note: I’m an awkward, shy person. I’m not really good at speaking with people I don’t know. Anyway when the IM5 entered, they went around and fans came to talk to them, and me, being the timid little person that I am, could not find the guts to approach them, despite the $100 I had paid to get those tickets. I awkwardly sat, trying to plan out something to say and going through hundreds of scenarios. Then Cole approached me. He sat right next me and asked for my name. I think that was the coolest thing ever. It showed to me that he genuinely wants to meet all of his fans. That he wants to talk to us and get to know us and make us feel comfortable. I love that.

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literally will omfg


literally will omfg


…but that’s none of my business….